Sleep Easy And Spend Wisely By Shopping At OMF’s Online Mattress Store

Sleep Easy And Spend Wisely By Shopping At OMF’s Online Mattress Store

Unfortunately, not many Australians benefit from satisfying sleep.

To the above point, only 45% of Australians claim to find their sleep satisfying. Moreover, a mere 20% of Australians enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

The above stats are troubling for many reasons. First, adults need 7 hours of good quality, regularly-scheduled sleep per night. Furthermore, getting that necessary, restful sleep offers the following health benefits:

- Regular sleep helps control your weight
- Sleeping properly bolsters your immune system
- A healthy sleep schedule reduces the risk of severe health problems (e.g., heart disease, diabetes)
- Getting the proper amount of sleep improves your mood and reduces stress
- You’ll think clearer and perform better at work (or school) when you sleep properly
- Restful sleeping improves your interpersonal relationships
- When you sleep right, you make wiser decisions, and you’re less likely to get injured (e.g., you won’t drive while drowsy)

So–what is getting the way of Australians achieving the most restful possible sleep? Factors such as stress and anxiety are certainly at play. The world is a growingly complicated place that demands increasingly more from you, which can lead to many sleepless nights.

However, stress and anxiety alone can’t be to blame. Specifically, The Sleep Foundation points out that a poor mattress leads to discomfort, causing difficulties with falling asleep. Also, that same discomfort causes people to wake up multiple times during the night.

At the Original Mattress Factory, we prioritize our customers' healthy, restful sleep. It’s vital to us that the people examining our vast product catalog enjoy comfort and luxury when it’s time to shut their eyes for the night.

Even more important, we want our customers to experience the many benefits of restful sleep at prices they can afford. This notion will become abundantly clear as your read about some of our top featured products below:


King Size Mattresses

The first products our Mattress Store will feature are our King Size Mattresses.

You’ll learn two things very fast when reading about these offerings at OMF–King Size reflects the amount of comfort we offer. It also reflects the savings you’ll experience by shopping at our Online Mattress Store.


The iContour GT8 King Size Mattress

What does it mean to have a King Size Mattress infused with green tea memory foam?

First and foremost, if the iCountour GT8 King Size Mattress is any indication, you’ll have a perfect night’s sleep. This perk results from ultra-comfortable memory foam soothing your aching, tired muscles.

The science behind memory foam is long proven. This comfort-based technology offers the necessary support where your body needs it most while silencing partner disturbances as you both sleep.

Also, you’ll neutralize odors and bacteria because of the green-tea infusion, offering optimal freshness as you reenergize and rejuvenate to take on the next day.

Furthermore, there’s a benefit to the environment because the foam on the iCountour GT8 King Size Mattress is CertiPUR US certified. Thus, minimal chemicals are used, which is more green-friendly and healthier for you as you sleep.

You and your partner will wake up with your entire body refreshed due to the soft-to-touch, airflow-conducive Tencel knitted fabric cover.

Note that while we’re talking about this iContour GT8 King Size Mattress, this product is available in four other sizes.

Moreover, the price of this high-quality, higher comfortability, and highly hygienic King Size Mattress is exceptionally reasonable at $528—or 4 payments of $132.00 (interest-free) with Afterpay.

Other features to consider:

- Comes with a 10-year warranty
- Arrives in a convenient box and is easy to unpack
- You can exchange after 30 nights if the comfort isn’t to your liking


Noosa Firm King Size Mattress

As one of the preeminent mattress stores in Australia, we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature the Noosa Firm King Size Mattress. After all, this product is–without a doubt–the number-one firm mattress in all of Australia.

Yes–we realize we’ve made a bold claim. Still, if you purchase this incredibly supportive King Size Mattress, you’ll come to understand we’re speaking the truth. The Australian-made Euro design presents a uniquely successful combination of premium quality and elegant style.

With its gel-infused Mattress Topper, the Noosa Firm Mattress also boasts a Visco comfort layer that relieves pressure points while aiding in heat dispersion. Also, this highly supportive firm mattress possesses a 5-zone micro spring system.

This sought-after King Size Mattress has a full foam box and layers of premium foam. These features allow for a comfortable pillow top and side supporters, promoting a thorough night’s rest.

At OMF, we do everything possible to supply you with premium mattresses at affordable prices. For instance, the Noosa Firm King Size Mattress was initially $3,498. We have slashed that price down to $1,662–or you can make 4 payments of $415.50 without interest using Afterpay.

Other features to consider:

- Available in medium and firm feels
- 10-year warranty
- Comes in 6 other sizes


Queen Size Mattresses


A King Size Mattress might be the biggest–but does that mean it’s the best? The answer, of course, comes down to personal taste and budget. We’ll also point out that the queen is the most versatile, powerful chess piece.

When reading about the Queen Size Mattress offerings below, you’ll fall in love with the comfort-based, high-quality designs on display. Beyond that, the pricing is meant for budgets of all shapes and sizes. Our aim at OMF is to deliver premium mattresses at prices you can afford.


Byron Support Queen Size Mattress

There’s this idea that being eco-friendly is somehow a sacrifice or an inconvenience. Sure, in many instances, prioritizing the environment does call for us to make wiser choices. However, those choices are meant to enhance our quality of life and comfort, not make things worse.

No more is the above notion evident than with the Byron Support Latex Queen Size Mattress. The fabrics used maximize eco-friendliness and keep sustainable life choices top of mind.

At the same time, you’ll sleep soundly and in optimal comfort with the 5-zone offset spring system. Specifically, this system includes foam and gel Latex layers, providing a relaxing, nearly unmatched night’s sleep.

The Byron Support Queen Size Mattress offers two different feels: Support and Plus. As such, you’ll enjoy the type of sleep that best fits your lifestyle–whether it’s functional or luxurious.

When you purchase this exquisitely-designed mattress, you win from almost every angle–substance, sustainability, style, and sleep.

Plus, the  Byron Support Mattress is available in three other sizes, and the OMF Online Mattress Store delivers on price. The Queen Size Byron costs only $1,321, down from  $2,898. You can also make 4 payments of $330.25 with Afterpay with no interest added.

Other features to consider:

- 10-year warranty
- Australian made
- You can exchange after 30 nights if the comfort isn’t to your liking


Rejuvenate 2.0 Queen Size Mattress

Our Mattress Store at OMF is dedicated to giving our customers everything we can.

If you want comfort, we’re the place to shop. If you seek affordability, we’ve got that too. In fact, we mix both together into the most winning, sleep-forward, price-efficient combination.

We’ll say it loud and clear: cost-friendliness and a restful night’s sleep aren’t mutually exclusive, especially with the Rejuvenate 2.0 Queen Size Mattress.

This memory foam mattress is one of the top offerings in our range. We’ve got so much faith in this pocket spring foam mattress and its exquisite cOMFiness that we offer a 10-year guarantee.

The Rejuvenate 2.0’s pocket springs have 5 zones, and the pillow top is medium to firm, ensuring optimal back support.

Also, that high level of support doesn’t just stick around in one area of the bed–it extends to the edges of this exceptionally cushy Queen Size Mattress. So, you can sleep anywhere and in any position you please.

At $898 (or 4 payments, including no interest, of $224.50 using Afterpay), you’re getting the best of both worlds–comfort and price–with the Rejuvenate 2.0 Queen Size Mattress. It’s also available in King, Double, King Single, and Single.

Other features to consider:

- Has CertiPur-US certification
- Delivered in a box for easy transportation to wherever it’s needed
- 10-year warranty


Mattress Toppers

Our Online Mattress Store is dedicated to giving you the luxury you deserve at prices you can afford. Thus, any Mattress Topper you buy from us will be as easy on your wallet as it is pleasing for your back.


Royal Comfort 1800GSM  Duck Feather And Down Mattress Topper

You don’t necessarily need to buy a whole new mattress to experience the heightened levels of comfort and luxury that deliver restful sleep night after night.

Instead, you can transform your bed into a lavish, decadent haven with the Royal Comfort 1800GSM Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper.

This top-tier Mattress Topper is the ultimate life hack for comfort due to its 1800GSM. It’s also filled with 95% premium white duck feather and 5% white duck down. Furthermore, since it’s encased in a soft-to-touch, 233-thread count,100% cotton cover, this Mattress Topper’s fill won’t ever poke through. That much, we guarantee.

Additionally, this Royal Comfort Mattress Topper utilizes a baffle box design, ensuring an evenly distributed fill that won’t shift while maintaining its loft.

After purchasing the Royal Comfort 1800GSM Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper, you'll awaken pampered and refreshed every morning.

The Royal Comfort 1800GSM Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper only costs $65 for a single (but is available in 3 other sizes at different prices).

Other features to consider:

- 3cm thickness
- Single has dimensions of 91cm x 193cm


Royal Comfort Premium 1000GSM Bamboo Mattress Topper

What’s better than a comfortable mattress? A comfortable mattress with an added layer of sumptuous softness that contributes to the most luxurious, restful sleep possible.

How can you achieve this next level of comfortable sleep? By purchasing the Royal Comfort Premium 1000GSM Bamboo Mattress Topper, filled with premium 60% polyester fiber filling and 40% natural bamboo fiber. This hypoallergenic, ultra-plush premium fill combination was designed for moisture wicking, offering breathability, optimal coolness, and a refreshing night’s sleep.

A dense, plush feel results from the 1000GSM weight, giving you a cushiony layer between your sheets and mattress.

High-top cushioning and sink-in, ultra-soft support are the byproducts of this Mattress Topper’s 5cm gusset depth. Plus, a secure fit on top of your mattress is guaranteed by the fully-fitted 45cm gusset design.

OMF’s Online Mattress Store is proud to carry this Mattress Topper in no small part due to its baffle box design. This feature ensures even fill distribution throughout your mattress. On top of that, the premium fill is encased in a natural, durable, and 100% breathable cotton cover.

The Royal Comfort Premium 1000GSM Bamboo Mattress Topper is only $78 in King Size (and is available in Queen Size, too). You don’t need to spend a fortune on a new bed to enjoy a serene, restful sleep every night.

Other features to consider:

- Regulates excess moisture and temperature
- Arrives in a vacuum-sealed, reusable bag


Why Choose OMF As Your Go-To Mattress Store?

The Original Mattress Factory has served over 358,000 well-rested, comfy customers in counting. We live, eat, breathe, and–you guessed it–sleep on quality mattresses.

With 200 hours of high-level training, our friendly mattress experts are the ideal people to help you select the perfect mattress to best suit your sleep needs. Sure, we understand you’re buying from our Online Mattress Store, but we have real people in real shops prepared to help when you need us.

Feel free to call us during business hours. One of our friendly, knowledgeable, and local mattress experts will sure-handedly guide you toward the perfect mattress for you.

Remember, you owe yourself optimal comfort when you sleep. You also deserve that level of comfort at a price you can afford. We look forward to providing you the luxury that fits your budget.

Moreover, our vast catalog goes beyond mattresses and toppers. We also offer bases and frames–all at the best available price.

Contact us today to find out more!

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