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OMF is proud to provide furniture online for the whole house, not just the bedroom! Regardless of the room, expect to find furniture in keeping with the same great quality and design you have come to love and trust from our bedrooms. Just like our mattresses, we dare you to find affordable furniture that is better quality and value for money than ours. We are confident the best affordable furniture is right here! 

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Nov 24, 2023

Just visited OMF in Casula, had the pleasure of dealing with Kristy. Didnt purchase a mattress yet, because we couldnt decide with the kids there, however Kristy still wrote a quote up for us for a few different mattresses we tried out and explained how they differed. She was very authentic and genuine, didnt beat around the bush and was a genuinely nice person that made you want to purchase a product!

Rafaa Quddusi,
Nov 24, 2023

Friendly staff with great product knowledge and helpful picking out the right mattress for me. I was looked after in price with a mattress and base. Delivery was included with a very helpful man. Would definitely recommend.

Natalie Walton
Nov 24, 2023

Quality products, very competitive price, speedy delivery, can’t ask for more. A happy customer

Frank Wen,
Nov 24, 2023

The reception I had at OMF was professional and warm. Karen was lovely, and helped walk me through the different products available that fit my needs..

Joshua McDiarmid,
Nov 24, 2023

We were served by Heather she was very friendly and helpfull my husband had a lot of questions but she answered them with a smile.

Dorelle Clarke,
Nov 24, 2023

Very helpful and open-minded staff who were a great hand in finding affordable and reliable mattresses.

Brianna Hounslow,
Nov 24, 2023

Great and helpful staff. Very helpful and great service.

Meagan Quattromani,
Nov 24, 2023

I had the most AMAZING EXPERIENCE with two of the best service staff. Tim & Ray from OMF Prospect. I know zero about mattresses besides sleeping on them. When I went in for a mattress but Tim was very informative about the different types their was & asked me questions about myself, to see what suited me. He really took time to give me 1:1, taking time to explain & made me feel very much listened & appreciated. Ray also came & helped out with the Plush range. These two men are wonderful for that business! I have had bad experiences with other sales rep. Just selling me a mattress to get a Sale. Not these Boys! I have told my friends of this OMF in Prospect. I will be back definitely in future! Fine, outstanding Employees Thank you Tim & Ray from Prospect.

Cyndie S,
Nov 24, 2023

Have been in the market for a new bed towards the end of the year and thought we'd start with some actually good pillows not from kmart. The staff were super friendly and guided us through trying all our options and provided advice. We didn't feel pushed or rushed at all so felt comfortable in our choices. Once we found the right pillow in store (plush memory foam, so good), there just wasn't something quite right about it when trying it at home. There ended up being a manufacturing defect and they swapped it for us and threw in a fibre pillow for the hassle. We ended up buying a second memory foam one to match and both are fantastic and am just happy with the overall experience. Looking forward to a comfy mattress to match with the knowledge that they'll look after us.

Dale Muccignat,

Stylish furniture

Whether you're shopping for the bedroom, bathroom, home office or living room, quality and affordability are something you can count on when buying furniture at OMF. But let’s not forget looks! Affordable stylish furniture is big on our radar - we make it easy for you to buy furniture online that looks as fantastic as its price tag!

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Furniture for the whole house

As mentioned, we don’t just furnish the bedroom! No, we’ve got the whole house covered. From bathroom and living room to the kitchen, you’ll find so much sensational modern furniture online all on the one site. Tables, entertainment units, sofas, seats, cupboards, kitchen trolleys, tier shelving, bathroom racks and more - buy furniture for every room in the house here at OMF.

Office furniture

Many Australian professionals now work from home and operate under the same roof under which they're sleeping, relaxing and dining. It's important to separate these areas of your home to create individual spaces and boundaries around work and leisure. We have all the affordable office furniture for you to do precisely that! From drawers, desks with storage boxes and filing cabinets, you’ll have everything you need to literally get to work!

Furniture storage

There is never enough space… Unless, of course, you shop for furniture storage at our online furniture store! From storage units to drawers, desks and tallboys, we’ve got plenty of options for you to keep things tucked away and orderly.

So if you’re looking for “furniture stores near me”, you’re precisely where you need to be! Why spread yourself thin when you have everything you need from our online furniture store, not to mention any of our 50+ store locations throughout Australia. Happy furniture shopping!

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