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OMF is proud to provide furniture online for the whole house, not just the bedroom! Regardless of the room, expect to find furniture in keeping with the same great quality and design you have come to love and trust from our bedrooms. Just like our mattresses, we dare you to find affordable furniture that is better quality and value for money than ours. We are confident the best affordable furniture is right here! 

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We Take Pride In Our Quality And Service

Mar 11, 2024

What a team! Best service and great products I have a very happy child!! Thanks Vicky!

Nate Martin,
Mar 11, 2024

Suzanne P was so incredibly helpful when helping us decide on what mattress was right for us. Definitely recommend the team at West Ipswich!

Deb McGrath,
Mar 11, 2024

Kristy, you are really awesome. Thank you so much for your patience and persistence. You did make us feel comfortable in the store, asked us what we are after, told us the benefits We were after a mattress that was comfortable and not an expensive one. Kristy you did go through in detail and did allow time for us to think through. Your customer focused approach is really really amazing. Thank you so much again and we like the mattress.

Sayi Sarat Chandra Parvatam,
Mar 10, 2024

Many thanks to Kellie for her super friendly, fast and efficient help.

Rebecca Ogorman,
Mar 10, 2024

From the moment we walked through the door we were greeted with a friendly smile and a cheery welcome . That makes so much difference when you are looking for something and there is so much on offer that you often don't know where to start. Renae was our sales lady and she was super helpful and very informative on all the aspects that we were needing. She was not in the least bit pushy which was very appreciated .She helped us get what we wanted,and organised to have it delivered when we needed it. Highly recommend OMF if all their salespeople are as great as Renae was for us.

Kaylene Green
Mar 10, 2024

I'm a friend of Karen who recently purchased a recliner electric bed and mattress. She loves the bed and was very impressed with knowledge and care that Heather took helping her with her purchase. Karen couldn't get work out how to leave a review and so asked me to. I was there when she purchased the bed and I will definitely be going back to Heather at Morayfield when I need a new bed.

Tracyanne Duggan,
Mar 09, 2024

Brilliant customer service. Happy to answer any question and went above and beyond to ensure I had a good buyer experience. Highly recommend.

Rosie Wood,
Mar 09, 2024

Excellent service from all the team at OMF. Willing to show my mum all the beds at her pace....really slow. Eventually mum picked out a bed and loves it. Thanks OMF

Andrew O'Brien,
Mar 09, 2024

I had a great experience at the original mattress factory. Susie from the auburn store assisted me get what I needed. She was very helpful and nice.

Sida Liu

Stylish furniture

Whether you're shopping for the bedroom, bathroom, home office or living room, quality and affordability are something you can count on when buying furniture at OMF. But let’s not forget looks! Affordable stylish furniture is big on our radar - we make it easy for you to buy furniture online that looks as fantastic as its price tag!

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Furniture for the whole house

As mentioned, we don’t just furnish the bedroom! No, we’ve got the whole house covered. From bathroom and living room to the kitchen, you’ll find so much sensational modern furniture online all on the one site. Tables, entertainment units, sofas, seats, cupboards, kitchen trolleys, tier shelving, bathroom racks and more - buy furniture for every room in the house here at OMF.

Office furniture

Many Australian professionals now work from home and operate under the same roof under which they're sleeping, relaxing and dining. It's important to separate these areas of your home to create individual spaces and boundaries around work and leisure. We have all the affordable office furniture for you to do precisely that! From drawers, desks with storage boxes and filing cabinets, you’ll have everything you need to literally get to work!

Furniture storage

There is never enough space… Unless, of course, you shop for furniture storage at our online furniture store! From storage units to drawers, desks and tallboys, we’ve got plenty of options for you to keep things tucked away and orderly.

So if you’re looking for “furniture stores near me”, you’re precisely where you need to be! Why spread yourself thin when you have everything you need from our online furniture store, not to mention any of our 50+ store locations throughout Australia. Happy furniture shopping!

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