King Mattress vs Super King Mattress: Bed Size Comparison

King Mattress vs Super King Mattress: Bed Size Comparison

Choosing between a king or a super king can be challenging when selecting a new bed. This guide from OMF will compare the two sizes, weighing the pros and cons to determine which is best for your needs.

An Overview of the King-Size Bed

King Size Bed Dimensions

With king bed dimensions stretching to 1835mm x 2030mm, this classic mattress promises a 100% cOMFy sleep experience. Designed for couples who love their space or anyone seeking extra room, the king bed is a cherished favourite that offers a plush sleep haven... without overtaking those cosy, smaller rooms.

The Pros and Cons of King-Size Beds


  • Ample sleeping space for couples and singles who enjoy a bit of extra space
  • Great mattress dimensions to fill in a larger room
  • Allows for movement without waking your sleeping partner so you can both sleep comfortably


  • It may turn cosy smaller rooms into a bit of a squeeze
  • King beds tend to lean towards the expensive side due to their regal size
  • Requires larger bed sheets and a larger frame, adding to the overall expense

The Super King: The Ultimate Luxury

Super King's Dimensions

At a sizeable 2030mm x 2030mm, the Super King size bed holds the crown as the most spacious standard bed size. The super king-size mattress also provides abundant room, allowing you and your partner to stretch out and move at night, toss, and turn without ever running out of space so everyone can get that 100% comfy sleep.

The Pros and Cons of Super King Beds


  • A dream come true for families who love more sleeping space
  • Adds grandeur and complements larger bedrooms
  • It helps give restless sleepers enough space not to disrupt their cosy partner's


  • It might be too large for a quaint room compared to other specialty beds
  • It is more expensive because it is a larger sized bed
  • Calls for grander bed sheets and a larger bed frame, which might slightly elevate the overall price tag
  • The heavy weight makes it hard to rotate or flip regularly. 

King vs Super King: Making the Right Choice

So, who's going to take the crown in your home? Before making the final call, let's navigate some significant factors to help us crown the cosy champion!

Evaluating Room Size and Space

First, let's chat about the stage for our main event: your bedroom. Measure up your room, considering the space you'd like to keep for other furniture and walking areas.

King-size beds can be a perfect match for those snuggly average or mid-sized bedrooms, especially compared to other options. While they have modest enough dimensions, they're still larger than other bed sizes like the queen or double bed so that you can have enough sleeping space.

Super king beds truly shine in master bedrooms and other large spaces. The expansive size enhances the grandeur of a big room. However, super kings may overwhelm and dominate smaller spaces, making the room feel cramped.

Understanding Budget Limitations

For many of us, budget is a major player when choosing the King and Super King mattress sets. Because of the smaller dimensions, king-size bed frames, mattresses, and bedding are typically more affordable overall.

Given their larger mattress size and need for bigger bed frames, super king-size beds with their grander dimensions come with a higher price tag; however, if you're all about sleeping like royalty and your budget can stretch a bit, the super king might just be worth every penny!

Accommodating Your Unique Sleep Style

Now, let's not forget to consider your (and your partner's) personal sleep style (if you have one). Frequent tossing, turning, and other movements at night may mean you need the extra spaciousness of a super king to avoid disruptions.

King beds usually offer plenty of room for most duos. However, for those of us who love a midnight waltz, a super king offers the chance to move without waking your partner.

Comparing Bedding and Accessory Options

While shopping, research the availability of matching bedding, accessory options, and even mattress thickness for your new king or super king-sized bed. You can coordinate pillows, bedding sets, and frames across our site in several styles and colours or find them yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit a king size mattress on a super king bed frame?

Sorry-- a straightforward no here! A king-size mattress is a touch too small for a super king bed frame. It's always best to match your mattress and bed frame sizes for a perfect fit.

What size sheets fit a super king mattress?

Given their larger size, super king mattresses call for special fitted sheets with deeper pockets and grand dimensions-- standard king sheets just won't cut it. When you're on the hunt for super king sheets, aim for at least 2030mm x 2030mm.

What is the ideal mattress for a king vs super king bed?

Whether it's a king or super king, mattresses come in a variety of materials - foam, hybrid, innerspring, latex - you name it!

Zero in on what suits your sleep style and firmness preference. For those sharing the bed, a responsive surface that minimises motion transfer could be a dream come true.

Feeling confused about choosing between king and super king? Use our mattress quiz to get personalised recommendations.

The Verdict: King vs Super King Bed

In the face-off between king and super king, the perfect pick depends all on you! Consider your room size, furnishing budget, sleep habits, and personal priorities, and take time to consider the pluses and minuses of both sizes and determine which aspects are deal-breakers for you.

If you're stuck, our sleep experts are here to lend a helping hand whenever you need it! Here at OMF, our goal is simple: to match you with your dream bed/mattress, no matter the size! We offer high-quality king and super king mattresses (or a queen-size mattress, double mattress, and more!), all designed for snug comfort, sturdy support, and 100% cOMFy sleep.

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