King Mattresses vs. Queen Mattresses: The Ultimate Guide to Bed Size Comparison

King Mattresses vs. Queen Mattresses: The Ultimate Guide to Bed Size Comparison

We bet most can agree how a gorgeous queen and a dashing king differ, but when it comes to mattress sizes, things can get a little tricky. The difference between a queen and a king bed isn’t just about getting a good night’s sleep– it can also make a big difference in the amount of space you have in your bedroom and can ensure you get the right bed frame.

In this mattress guide, we’ll help you differentiate between a king and queen-sized mattress, go over the pros and cons of each size, and help you figure out what mattress will suit your sleeping type. Whether you’re a solo sleeper, a couple, or have kids and pets piled in your bed, we’ve got you covered (pun intended!).

King Mattress vs. Queen Mattress Dimensions

Let’s get to the simple stuff first: the difference between a queen and a king Mattress. While both beds can comfortably hold two people and both have the same length, a queen mattress's dimensions are 1530mm wide by 2030mm long, and a king mattress's dimensions are 1830mm wide by 2030mm long.

King Mattress

Queen Mattress

1830mm x 2030mm

1530mm x 2030mm


queen vs king

King Bed vs. Queen Bed: The Pros and Cons

What type of mattress is best? It all depends on what fits best into your room, budget, and lifestyle. Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of each.

Queen Beds


  • Great for solo sleepers (or cuddly couples) who don’t need extra space when they’re sleeping.
  • Its smaller size makes it easier to move around, especially when your bedroom is on the smaller side.
  • Since there’s less material, they’re more affordable than king-size beds, with accessories that are more budget-friendly, too.


  • Could be too small for couples and families who need extra space (or who have kids and pets who like to sleep tightly packed!)
  • As a smaller size, there’s limited room for movement, which can make it difficult for restless sleepers

King Beds


  • There’s plenty of rooms for couples and families who want extra wiggle rooms (and for those kids and pets who can’t help but sneak in)
  • They’re great for taller people who need more legroom
  • They offer ample space for movement, so you can ensure there is minimal partner disturbance


  • Takes up more space in your bedroom, which could make a small room feel tighter than it needs to
  • Since there’s more material, it’ll likely be more expensive than a queen-size bed
  • Requires a larger bed frame and beadhead, which could add to the overall cost

Things to Consider When Buying Any Mattress

When buying either a queen mattress or a king mattress, think about a few factors that could help your decision:

  • Room size: if you’re currently living in a squished room with an old queen mattress, your king mattress won’t make it feel any more roomy! Consider the other ways you move around in your bedroom and how a larger mattress might affect the way your morning or nighttime routines look.
  • Mattress size: with a larger mattress size will come a higher cost. If you have the room size and the funds to invest in a king-size bed, then you’ll enjoy a roomier, comfier sleep. Also, consider your and your partner’s sleeping patterns, and whether their restlessness affects yours or vice-versa. In that case, a larger mattress would again work great!
  • Firmness and material: Think back to how co-sleepers in your bed might be affecting the way you’re getting shut-eye. Motion isolation is more possible with foam mattresses that can make your partner's movement nearly motionless. For a firmer feel, consider a spring mattress, and for a cooler sleep, look for a mattress with cooling gel.

  • Which Bed Should I Buy?

    Recommended Room Size

    For a king-sized bed, we recommend your room size to be at least 3.65 meters by 2.8 meters, and for a queen-sized bed, we recommend your room size to be at least 2.9 metres by 3 metres to give you ample room to enjoy the rest of your space when you’re not sleeping!

    King vs Queen Bed Size Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a double bed the same as a queen?

    No, it’s not! While a queen bed’s dimensions are 1530mm x 2030mm and can comfortably fit two sleepers, a double bed is 1370mm x 1880 mm, and is really only optimal for one sleeper. A double bed is the same as a full bed.

    What size bed do most couples have?

    Most couples sleep in a queen bed, as they’re spacious enough for two to sleep comfortably and compact enough to still fit in a relatively small master bedroom.

    Can two people fit on a king single?

    No; consider a king single the single version of a king-sized bed, fit for a growing teenager or even a smaller adult. While a king-sized mattress’s dimensions are 1830mm x 2030mm, a king single is 1070mm x 2030mm.

    Is a queen size bed big enough for two people?

    Yes! A queen-size bed is one of the most popular beds for couples and is certainly large enough to fit two sleepers comfortably.

    Best Queen and King Mattresses from OMF

    Here at OMF, our bestselling queen and king-size mattresses suit whatever bed type you’re looking for!

    King Mattresses

    Revivify Support– our bed-in-a-box with a 5-zone pocket spring for maximum support and comfort.

    Urban– a premium feel mattress range with a plush or support feel and a sleek and unique feel.

    Saint range– a 3-feel collection with double springs and Tencel fabric for a premium sleep experience.

    Queen Mattresses

    Rejuvenate 2.0 Queen– a great value for the money, this bed-in-a-box is plush with memory foam.

    Refresh Queen– a midrange offset pocket spring mattress with organic cotton and latex with a foam support box, this is our most popular Queen bed with three refreshing feels.

    Cloud7– a beautiful Queen mattress with premium fabric in a medium or firm feel.
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