How To Create Your Perfect Bedroom

How To Create Your Perfect Bedroom

Are you thinking about a bedroom makeover, or have you recently purchased a home and you’re working with a blank canvas (lucky you)? Here you’ll find some clever but simple and cost-effective ideas to get the perfect look - but also cOMFy feel - for your master bedroom. Indeed, the best bedrooms do not just look great; they help whoever is in them to relax and recharge; to unwind, fall into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

1. The best bedrooms deliver the best sleep

No matter how gorgeous the space, if you don’t sink into that mattress and feel some kind of bespoke combination of support, comfort and bliss, then you’re not in the perfect bedroom. So the first step is to find the best bed for you and your room.

What size bed is right for you?

Ask yourself what is more critical - space in the bed or around it? Most of us will answer the former, which is fair enough given we spend a third of our life in bed! You don’t want a bed so big that it comically dwarfs the room and makes it impractical to move around. However, if there is an opportunity to upsize, this is the place to do it. Don’t opt for a double bed if your room can accommodate a queen bed size. Equally, don’t select a queen bed frame if your room can make a king-size bed fit. If you’re fortunate enough to have space for a super king bed, then get ready for a room that will make you feel royally cOMFy!

What is the best mattress for you?

OK, so mattress sizes depend on the bed frame that you buy. However, beyond that point, things become very bespoke. In fact, OMF offers this terrific mattress quiz to help make sleep the highlight of your day. There are so many features to consider when making this decision. They include:

Mattress feel - by this, we mean is the sensation best for you firm, firm to medium, medium, medium to soft, or soft?

Mattress type - the options here include gel foam, memory foam, Latex, micro spring, pocket spring or Bonnell spring.

Australian-made mattresses

Affordable mattresses

Bed in a box - enables more affordable delivery as we can compress a big pure foam roll-up mattress making it fit into a much smaller box

Although you can buy a mattress online, why not visit one of our 50+ nationwide mattress stores and literally lie down to find out which is the perfect, most cOMFy mattress for you? It is so important to get this part of your bedroom right. We have the best mattress in Australia for providing a good night’s sleep, so you wake up feeling fresh and recharged. Don’t believe us? Check out our guarantee for total peace of mind!

2. Dream bedding makes for dream sleeping

Now you’ve got the perfect bedroom foundations right; it is time to build on them with the ultimate in bedding comfort. Your ideal space has a lot of elements working incognito. Nobody will see the mattress, but you know just how crucial it is for the best sleep. The same goes for other quiet achievers, like the best mattress topper, mattress protector and pillows. They might not deliver the bedroom bling, but they certainly provide the substance and care that make this your personal oasis. In contrast, bed quilts can play a huge part in making this room look amazing. We’re big advocates of keeping the outer linen simple and stylish so you can have fun with other room areas, such as wallpaper, feature painted walls, artwork, rugs, carpets, etc.

3. Bedroom storage is bliss

Let’s face it; it’s all about what you can’t see that makes your space so perfect, right?! Oh how much we love clever bedroom storage! A truly fantastic starting point is the actual bed, particularly if you have a tight space or indeed if a built-in-robe is impossible. In this instance, a storage base bed is your best friend. Tuck away shoes, spare bedding, out-of-season clothing; the general but essential household detritus that can be found in each and every home!

But not all bedroom storage needs to be hidden. On the contrary, bed side tables and chest of drawers not only make for practical bedroom storage ideas, they are also bold and charismatic statement pieces. Ask yourself - what bedroom furniture is best for your space? A more traditional timber look, or something minimalist and sleek?

Once you have all these essential elements bedded down (pardon the pun!), then it’s time to start having fun with how your bedroom looks.

4. Bedheads

Beheads are huge in the styling world right now, and no surprises why. They are a key focal point to the room. We’re big believers in a bedhead’s ability to take a room from bland to beautiful. So, if you’re looking to create a bold visual anchor, or you just want to give your bed a confident, contemporary presence, this is a great interior design starting point. As with all styling, once you have one or two key focus points serving as a guide, the rest becomes so much easier and falls into place.

5. Bedroom lighting

When it comes to lighting for this special space in the home, you want mood as well as function. There is no point in going for fabulous-looking bedside lamps if the light is too weak for reading. Equally, you don’t want room lighting that creates a glare - this space needs to feel like a cocoon. Finding the right combination of general, soft overall lighting with targeted functional light is key. Getting the right amount of light also includes what is happening outside. Aim for shutters or drapes that will help keep noise and summer morning light to a minimum (why wake up with the birds if you don’t have to?). However, during the day, you probably want to maximise the amount of natural light. So, drapes that open right up or shutters that fold out will be important in maximising those natural rays and all the goodness - and positive moodiness - they can bring to the room (at the right time of day!).

6. Bedroom art

Art can play a huge role in personalising this special room, making it feel oh-so-right for you. This is one area we can’t advise in much detail as you are the expert. But it’s definitely worth giving thought and planning to this important element. So - what attracts you? What makes you feel good and relaxes you? These are all sensations that are good to have for the bedroom. Find inspiration in Pinterest, magazines, looks and feels from other spaces and other places. Importantly - don’t limit yourself. The bedroom is such a personal space, and as long as you love it, it’s perfect.

7. Plants for your bedroom

Biophilia is a big buzzword these days, and rightly so. Plants in the bedroom not only give the space life, vibrancy and character, but they genuinely benefit your wellbeing. They help create oxygen, and they ground and comfort us. So - what plant life is achievable for your household and lifestyle? There are so many choices, including low-maintenance options such as the charismatic Monstera, Snake plant or Chinese Money Plant, right through to bold statement plants like the ZZ plant or Fiddle Leaf Fig. Don’t be afraid to think beyond terra firma, either. Of course, plants look great at floor-level, but you can also opt for fabulous hanging features (think the Pothos plant or String of Pearls) or even build an exposed wall shelf (a great alternative to a bed head!) and place plants all the way along. Just be sure everything is secure, and there is no chance of a pot crashing down on someone’s head in the middle of the night - that’s NOT the perfect bedroom look!

8. Personal treasures

Books, framed photos, much-loved jewellery, trophies, keepsakes from holiday adventures, a bear friend from childhood - what unique treasures are very dear in your life? The bedroom is a wonderful place to showcase them. Don’t hesitate to really show them off, either. For instance, can any of the mementoes be placed in a box frame and hung on the wall? Can the jewellery be given its own hanging hook, so it’s constantly on display rather than hiding in a box? These are important pieces in your life and will go a long way in making your space look and feel perfect to you.

Speak to our bedroom experts today

Nothing motivates our team more than customers enjoying a cOMFy bed and a good night’s sleep! We know the perfect bedroom does precisely that, so let us help you create your oasis. Contact us with any questions, and let’s… well… send you to sleep!

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