Types of Bed Frames

Types of Bed Frames

Types of Bed Frames: Which Style Is for You? 

Think of the bed frame as the mattress’s foundation and a key component of a restful night’s sleep. Without a good mattress, you're not just going to get poor support, but squeaking, creaking, sliding, and more that can disrupt an otherwise good night’s sleep!

At the Original Mattress Factory, you can rest assured that you'll get a high-quality bed frame at an affordable price, but it's still worth doing your homework before you shop with us so we can be sure to put you in the bed frame that suits you the best. 

Here's a closer look at some of the more popular styles of bed frames we carry at OMF so you can determine what's best for your sleeping situation and overall room decor:

Upholstered Bed Frames 

Sophistication and elegance are two key features of an upholstered bed frame. Why? Well, these frames are characterized by fabric-covered headboards that typically complement the bedroom’s style.

Upholstered bed frames are ideal when you want the bed to be the room’s centrepiece, as you can get as stylish and custom with the headboard and frame as you'd like. Upholstered bed frames also have a reputation for being comfortable compared to other more rigid types. However, because they are covered in fabric, they tend to damage easier than wood or metal bed frames.

Timber Bed Frames

Timber, or wooden bed frames, are among the most durable bed frame types that you can get for your money, as they provide exceptional support to the mattress. 

They're also very stylish and can add a rustic charm to the bedroom. Another key benefit is that they're quiet and won't easily shift or move like other types of bed frames will. One detail to keep in mind is that timber bed frames may scratch, which is not ideal for homes with pets. 

Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames aren't as durable as timber bed frames, but they still provide ample support for bedroom mattresses. Metal frames are virtually maintenance-free, come in different shapes and styles and are fairly easy to maneuver around a bedroom or throughout a property. 

However, metal bed frames aren’t as easy to style as wood or upholstered frames are. So, when choosing this type, make sure it goes with a more modern setting. 

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Metal, timber and upholstered are just a few of the various bed frames we carry at OMF. And when you purchase a bed frame or any mattress or bedroom accessory at our store, you can rest assured that you're getting maximum value for your dollar. We don't sell based on glitz and glam, fancy showrooms or name brands — we sell directly from our factory so you can get the best value possible!

Contact OMF today for more information and help in determining what bed frame is right for you!

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