The Best Mattress Bed Size Chart

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In the market to buy a mattress but need more of a guide? Forget about searching for the closest ‘bed shops near me’. We’ve got exactly what you need to be that one step closer to a cOMFy night sleep with this handy bed size chart below provides mattress sizes in mm. We also provide top tips on determining the best mattress sizes for your needs and space. So, pull up the covers and settle in - you’ll find everything you need to know here! 

Single mattress size 

Single mattress dimensions: 920mm x 1880mm.  

A single mattress is ideal for single sleepers, kids, a spare room or if you’re in a really small bedsit apartment, for example, and space is critical (if that’s the case, remember to allow space for single bed frames!). You’ll want a room at least 2.1m x 2.7m in size, more if you plan to include other bedroom furniture.

Long single bed mattress size 

Long single bed mattress dimensions: 920mm x 2030mm.

A long single bed mattress is a great size for kids leaving home and setting up in uni boarding or shared flats, fast-growing teenagers or adults with minimal bedroom space who want extra length to maximise their sleeping comfort. You’ll need a room at least 2.5m x 3m large. 

King single mattress size 

King single dimensions: 1070mm x 2030mm.

A king single mattress is where we start hitting the really good times! This is a good option if you’re single but often share your bed with a fur friend or if you have a small space but want to max out on the biggest possible bed available. Your room would need to be at least 2.8m x 3.2m.  

Double bed mattress size

Double mattress dimensions: 1370mm x 1880 mm.  

A double mattress was once the standard size for a couple sharing a bed (how times have changed!). Double sizes are an ideal option for a guest room. If your master bedroom is tight, then this will be the most compact bed for you and your partner to share. However, if you both like to have a fur friend on board, it becomes too much of a squeeze. Double bed frames ideally need the bedroom to be at least 3m x 3.5m large.

Queen size mattress 

Queen-size mattress dimensions: 1530mm x 2030mm.

Hello, happy sleeper - you’re lucky enough to be considering extra space from a queen-size mattress! This means your bedroom is at least 3 meter square. It is unusual to put a queen size bed in a spare room but sure, if the space permits, then go for it. Your guests will be delighted! 

King mattress size 

King mattress dimensions: 1830mm x 2030mm.

A king-size mattress really does ooze indulgence, and rightly so! If you’re a couple who loves maintaining ample separate space, or one of you moves quite a lot at night, and the other doesn’t want to be disrupted, then king beds are the way to go. It also means your room is at least 3.5 meter square. Remember that needs to include a king bed frame. However, we figure if you’re considering this, then you have more than ample room for such generous sleeping space! 

Super king mattress size

Super king mattress dimensions: 2030mm x 2030mm.

Talk about getting the most out of your sleeping space! If you’re thinking about a super king-size mattress, then there’s every chance you will never want to get out of bed. Why bother - there’s enough space to bring life to the bedroom! If the kids like jumping in for sleepy weekend mornings, the fur friends like to share but also maintain their own space, or you’re partial to doing kart-wheels in bed (ok - just joking on this last one. But we have made the point…!), then super king beds are the way. King-size bed frames call for your room to be at least 3.5 meter square; otherwise, you won’t have a lot of wiggle room for things like bedside tables

Special size mattresses 

Looking for something wider and longer or to fit an awkward space? Don’t forget that here at OMF, we also provide special size mattresses for challenging spaces such as caravans, campervan and, boats. 

Mattress sizes in Australia tend to be more or less the same. However, rest assured all OMF mattress models adhere to the dimensions guide above. But if in doubt, you can always reach out  to the cOMFy expert team for a better understanding - we’re always here to help! 

Questions to ask yourself before buying a mattress 

There are several factors you should consider before running a search for a mattress shop near me and buying something! These include:

The size of the bedroom 

You would have already got a sense of this requirement from the guidelines above. It makes perfect sense, right? You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole, and you can’t squeeze queen mattresses in studio-size bedrooms! When calculating, remember you don’t just need to fit in the bed - you will likely have other important furniture that needs to share the space! Which brings us nicely to our next point…

Don’t forget the bed and the bedroom furniture! 

Unless you’re planning to sleep in fairly frugal surroundings (i.e - a mattress on the floor with little else), then you need to think about other items in the room. Bedside tables, chests of drawers (also known as Tallboys), possibly chunky free-standing mirror, maybe even a clothes rack. Most importantly - calculate the bedframes as well! Indeed, the bed base and bed frame will most certainly add to the overall dimensions. 

The size of the people sleeping 

It seems straightforward, but it’s worth mentioning this all the same: If you are a particularly tall person, a single or double bed is not ideal - you’ll want at least a long single. Don’t forget the fur babies! Factor in the width as much as the length. If there are two or more of you sharing this space, you need to make sure you all have ample real estate! 

Your budget 

Typically, the bigger the bed, the higher the budget! Of course, it is not quite clear-cut as that. For instance, a top-of-the-range double bed might be equal to or higher than the cost of an entry-level queen bed. 

Our 30-night comfort guarantee 

That’s right! When you purchase an OMF mattress, you have peace of mind knowing it comes with a 30-night guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with your new mattress, then contact our store for details. Please be sure to read our mattress guarantee terms and conditions

Contact the cOMFy mattress experts 

We love talking mattresses! Why not contact us if you’re not 100% sure what size is best for you or if this has prompted additional questions? Touch base with us and chat with our cOMFy Experts online, visit any of our mattress stores or email us at

The Best Mattress Bed Size Chart