New Mattress Buying Guide

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Mattress

Are you looking to purchase a new mattress? There are many considerations to consider to make sure you're able to get that quality cosy night’s sleep you are looking for. Here's a closer look at some of the common questions we receive at the Original Mattress Factory when it comes to buying a mattress:

What Size Mattress Do I Need?

There are a few things you need to think about before choosing your mattress size. For instance, if you are looking to keep your existing bed frame, how big is it? Make sure you find a mattress that will fit your current bed frame unless you plan to purchase a whole new bedroom set — and every bedroom deserves a refresh!

If you plan to buy a new bed frame with your new mattress, you need to carefully consider the size of your bedroom and what size mattress would adequately fit. Sizes include single, twin, double, queen, king, super king and more. How to choose a mattress size? Make sure you consider whether you'll have a sleeping partner as well, including how much space they'll need and how your partner prefers to sleep.

How Firm Should My Mattress Be?

Mattresses come in different feels. There's soft, firm and a range of options in between. What type of sleeper are you? If you like a lot of support, then you'll likely benefit from a firm mattress. If you don't, then a softer one is probably right for you. Again, if you'll be sleeping with a partner, you'll have to see if they prefer to sleep on a firm or soft mattress as well. 

There are various mattress materials to choose from including memory foam, pocket spring, latex and micro spring to provide you with the support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep. The good news? When you shop with OMF, you can try out any new mattress for up to 200 nights* and exchange it for a new one if it's not meeting your expectations!

What Is My Budget?

The larger the mattress, the more it's likely to cost. The better the materials the mattress is made from, the larger the price tag. Noting this, it's important to set a budget when you're shopping for your next mattress. One thing that OMF prides itself on is the affordability and quality of our mattress selection. 

We don't work with any middlemen — we sell directly from the factory. This allows us to keep our prices low and help you get more mattresses for your money. It's high-quality mattresses for a fraction of the cost of what you'd spend elsewhere. Because mattresses are an investment, we also offer financing through three different companies: Afterpay, Humm and Zip. 

Do Mattresses Come With Warranties?

At OMF selected mattresses and furniture come with a 10-year warranty so that you can have peace of mind with your purchase. Our mattresses also come with that 200-night guarantee*, meaning if you're not satisfied with your selection within the initial 200 nights of your purchase, you can exchange it for another mattress! It's a value-added benefit to help ensure that OMF customers are getting the perfect mattress for their bedrooms, and the best night’s sleep.

How Do I Contact OMF?

Simply put, we dare you to compare OMF to the big brands on what matters most. From comfort layers to style, we have the best mattresses listed at the best prices in Australia.

For more information on what to look for when buying a mattress and to browse OMF's comfy selection, you can stop into one of our locations or shop online at our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want more information on a particular type of mattress! 


*Conditions apply

New Mattress Buying Guide