NDIS Approved Products

Usman Malik@2022-02-03 15:07:39 +1100

Sleep solutions approved by NDIS suitable for people living with a disability. 

Learn more about the range of NDIS approved adjustable beds, mattresses, pillows and furniture.

Here at OMF we understand that comfort, mobility, and dignity are of utmost importance when purchasing sleeping products for someone with a disability. 


Two Person Reference with NDIS Approved Products by OMF


NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme. As part of the Federal Government, funds are available to help modify or improve the sleeping arrangements for people managing physical disabilities.

OMF is dedicated to crafting the most comfortable sleep solutions for everyone. Resting our mind and bodies are critical for our overall wellbeing, which is why a comfortable and sound sleep is crucial for people living with a disability.


Bed Base from NDIS Approved Products by OMF to Help


OMF offers a carefully considered range of products. Moving in and out of bed is a potential challenge for people living with a disability, however it is still important to relieve pressure points on certain parts of the body once in bed.
OMF mattresses contain memory foam to contour to your body - helping with relieving pressure, reducing pain and improving sleep quality. Additionally, the physicality of assisting someone in and out of bed can be demanding, so a motion base and mattress will aid the carer in putting the base into different positions easily and to support further with pressure relief.


Expert Advice from OMF on NDIS Approved Bed Frames and Mattresses


We are sensitive and experienced in helping customers find the right beds for all abilities. Our team of cOMFy experts are on hand to provide a wealth of advice and information. We can help you find the right mattress and/or bed base for yourself or the person you love for a cOMFy night's sleep.

Find more about how to improve the quality of sleep for you or your loved one and see the full NDIS approved range!

OMF Bed Base and Mattress approved for NDIS