Easy Wins To Prepare Your House For Christmas

Easy Wins To Prepare Your House For Christmas

We all spend a lot of time focused on the Christmas meal and festive gifts, but what about the home? After all, we expect a lot from it this time of year with guests coming and going, the kitchen in overdrive and many a room enduring Christmas carols on repeat!

So if you’re wondering how to best prepare the home for Christmas, our team of cheery OMF elves has been making a list, checking it twice, and they’ve come up with a stocking full of ideas (none of them naughty - all of them nice).

At the end of the day, however, if plans fall in a heap - just go with the flow! Enjoy time with loved ones, as that’s the top of the Silly Season To Do List. On behalf of everyone at OMF, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Easy guest room ideas

Getting your home ready for Christmas often starts with the guest room. Why? Well, for most of us, it’s the least used room in the house (although, of course, it serves as a handy storage space!). However, this time of year, it tends to see a lot of traffic as grown kids perhaps come home or far-away family or friends fly in for festivities. You want some quick wins here!

There is no faster solution than the humble mattress topper. It can take a ho-hum mattress that has seen better days and turn it into a very reasonable night’s sleep. So, if money is tight and you don’t want to invest in an entirely new bed, but you want to prepare for guests and make them feel appreciated, this is our top tip!

How else might you be able to help improve the spare room? If this space is typically a glorified storage area and things are just thrown in, then perhaps some bedroom furniture could save the day. Bedside tables and chests of drawers, also called Tallboys, can declutter and hide many sins! Put a lovely lamp on top, a scented candle (nutmeg, orange and pine are great for this time of year) or some framed photos, and you’ve just styled a beautiful-looking space! Your guests might not want to leave at this rate.

Handy hit - check your bed linen and bath towels to see if they need a refresh before the visitors roll into town. Find all of these at OMF online or in-store today!

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Creating a healthy home over the festive season

This may seem like a random way of preparing your home for Christmas, but we are the mattress experts, after all! Encouraging a healthy and cOMFy sleep this time of year is crucial. It will help provide sustenance for the partying, shopping, drinking and nights out that are inherent with this time of year. How old are your mattresses, and how healthy do you think they are? Depending on the model, we recommend changing bed mattresses every ten years maximum. Now is a good opportunity to consider if anyone in the household could benefit from a new mattress. The great news is we have plenty of finance options, so if you’re thinking about your gift list and dollars racking up before Father Christmas arrives - this should put your mind at ease.

Any other quick wins? As temperatures increase, so does the volume of sweat we all naturally lose as we sleep. So, at minimum, you might consider some mattress protectors to help keep the family as healthy as possible. We have all mattress sizes, mattress types, and mattress feels available, so shop online (for fast delivery!) or visit one of our 50+ mattress stores around the country. The cOMFy Elves can help you figure out how to prepare your house for Christmas, don't worry!

Quick ways to keep an orderly kitchen space

This is the engine room! It’s where the magic happens, and turkeys are roasted to perfection, plum puds are boiled up a treat, and brandy butter is whipped into such a heavenly creation it’s a good thing we only indulge in it once a year. But keeping this space clean and orderly in December, the peak time of year for stocking up and preparing? Sounds like a Christmas miracle, right?

Well, perhaps not! You’d be surprised how just a few essential kitchen furniture purchases can get your home ready for Christmas with minimal effort. It may surprise you to learn we don’t just sell mattresses! We have some stylish kitchen furniture for sale in-store or online as well. The design is deliberately timeless with a touch of Scandi, and the predominantly white palette means items will complement any existing kitchen home decor.

If you don’t have a kitchen island bench, this is our number one tip! The moment you start using it, you will not understand how this space functioned without one! It just makes everything so seamless. You can dart here and there and always have the island within arm’s length, stacked with essential tools or ingredients that encourage great cooking flow. A kitchen trolley is another top addition to the home. Not only can it be practical for the Chef, but when it’s not in use, it can double as a drinks trolley and roll out to the deck, patio or dining room to become the centre of the party. If your pantry is heaving this time of year, consider a tall, lean cupboard that can tuck into corners, take up little floor space, and yet store so many bits and bobs.

Are you still wondering how to get your home ready for Christmas? We hope not! With any luck, these ideas will have inspired you.

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Contact OMF

If there is anything you think our OMF team can do to make Christmas smooth, enjoyable and cOMFy, please let us know! We want to help put the jingle bells into your festive season preparations, so contact us!

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